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HEC Montreal MBA

Thinking about pursuing an MBA at HEC Montreal? Don’t think twice and apply to the HEC Montreal MBA program. It is one of the top business schools in Canada with worldwide rankings. They focus on delivering a discipline of education that caters to embracing leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and strategic thinking. Their courses cover marketing, operation management, and finance. They also have partnerships with various global companies reaching them at the height of success in the business world.

Tuition Fees at HEC Montreal MBA

Coming to the cost, it varies depending on your program and circumstances. For instance, the tuition for the full-time MBA program at HEC Montreal is around CAD 52,995 for Canadian citizens and permanent residents and CAD 68,995 for international students. So, leap towards your dream of pursuing an MBA in Canada and explore the opportunities at HEC Montreal.

HEC Montreal MBA Program Overview

They have students from across the globe and have great faculties. HEC Montreal focuses on lifelong career management services where the students are offered various tools and activities to develop the finest job-search approach. It aims to develop your interview skills and helps you build a strong network.

HEC Montreal teaching approach focuses on teamwork.

● Duration: One Year

● Format: Full-time

● Intake: September

● Credits: 54

● Degree: Master’s

● Classes: Day-time

Admission Application Deadlines: HEC Montreal Full-time MBA

          1st Round: November 15

          2nd Round: January 15

          3rd Round: March 15 (Final for International)

          4th Round: May 15

HEC Montreal Full-time MBA Application Requirements

● Bachelors Degree

● Minimum 3 years of work experience

● Proof of English Language Proficiency


● Official Transcripts

● Essay Questions

● Updated CV

● Reapplicant essay

● Four Video Questions Two Letter of References

HEC Montreal MBA Fee

For Canadian Students, it's $20 6000

For international students, it’s $59 100

Scholarships | Funding my Studies | HEC Montreal MBA

The business school caters to the donors like professional associations, granting agencies, foundations, private companies, and alumni. They contribute together to build and foster new generations of high-quality professionals by offering scholarships to MBA students.

Admission Scholarships: This is for candidates with exceptionally good aptitude and an extraordinary academic record.

● Performance scholarships

● Need-based scholarships

● International scholarships

HEC Montreal MBA
HEC Montreal MBA

HEC Montréal MBA Class Profile

HEC Montréal MBA Student profile

1. Average age in the HEC Montréal MBA class: 31

2. Average work experience in the HEC Montréal MBA class: 7 years

3. Average GMAT in the HEC Montréal MBA class: 625

4. Average TAGE/MAGE in the HEC Montréal MBA class: 345

5. Countries of origin in the HEC Montréal MBA class: 26

Get more information about the programs for MBA in Canada.

Career Management Services | HEC Montreal MBA Placements

  1. Average Placement Rate: 90.4%

  2. Average Salary Increase: 36.7%

  3. Average Total Salary: $99,121

Global and local companies that recruit at HEC Montréal include:

● Accenture

● Air Canada

● Bank of Canada

● Capgemini

● Crédit Suisse

● Deloitte

● Deutsche Bank

● Google Inc.

HEC Montreal-McGill Executive MBA

For seasoned professionals, the McGill-HEC Montreal Executive MBA offers a 15-month program focusing on leadership development. As one of Canada's best MBA universities with a diverse class profile, this program enriches your managerial acumen and provides unparalleled networking opportunities.

  •  Duration: 15 Months

  •  Class Schedule: 4 Days a Month (Thursday to Sunday)

  •  Two 7-10 days Residential Modules

  •  Class Starts: September 2023

  •  Location: Montreal

Admission Criteria - EMBA McGill

You must undergo a rigorous evaluation process for admission, including interviews and essay questions. The program fee for the McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA is approximately CDN $91,000.

  • At least 10 Years of Work Experience

  • Managerial Work Experience of at least 5 years

  • An Undergraduate Degree

  • Proficiency in English or French Language

McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Admission Process

  • Resume Evaluation

  • Application

  • In-person Interview

  • Acceptance and Offer of Admission

McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Application Requirements


  • Application

  • Two Official Post Secondary Institution Transcripts

  • Updated Curriculum Vitae

  • Birth Certificate

  • Five Essay Questions

  • Two Letters of Recommendations

  • Employer’s Support Letter

  • English and French Language Test (If required)

  •  Application Fee: $125 CDN

McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Fee

● Program Fee: CDN $91,000

McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Typical Class

● Average Age in McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA class: 41 Years

● Average Work Experience in McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA class: 18 Years

● Average Managerial Experience in McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA class: 12 Years

● Students Speaking More Than 2 Languages: 38%

● Students with Title Vice-president or Higher: 42%

● Different Industries: 25+

● Entrepreneurs: 11%

● Male: 51%

● Female: 49%

McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Class of 2023

  1.         Participants: 45

  2.         Women: 22

  3.         Men: 23

  4.         Average Age: 42 Years

  5.         Average Experience: 18 Years

  6.         Average Managerial Experience: 12 Years

  7.         Born Outside Quebec: 55%

  8.         Industries Represented: 25+

  9.         Students having titles of VP, GM, President or CEO: 42%

  10.         Entrepreneurs: 11%

McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Class of 2024

          Participants: 45

          Women: 23

          Men: 22

          Average Age: 43 Years

          Industries Represented: 25+

          Average Work Experience: 19 Years

          Average Managerial Experience: 12 Years

          Entrepreneurs: 9%

          Field of Studies: 15+

For more information on MBA in Canada, visit our website GOALisB


Is the HEC Montreal MBA worth it?

You might wonder if an MBA from HEC Montreal is worth it. Let me tell you, it definitely can be! With its prestigious ranking and focus on practical learning, you'll develop valuable skills and connections that can propel your career forward. But, of course, an MBA can be costly and demanding. So, carefully weigh your personal and professional commitments before taking the leap.

Is HEC Montreal hard to get into?

As for getting into HEC Montreal, it's not a piece of cake. The admissions process is competitive, and they look for candidates with strong academic backgrounds, professional experience, and leadership potential. So, make sure to compile a compelling application showcasing your abilities and fit the school's values.

What is the average GMAT score for HEC Montreal MBA?

The suggested minimum score is 550. But a competitive score of 630 or higher is always at preference.

What is the acceptance rate at HEC Montreal?

The admission process is highly competitive, and only an 11% acceptance rate exists in HEC Montreal. The process is hard because it is a prestigious institute where they build students with leadership and strategy making skills. The acceptance rate varies on where an applicant belongs. It is noticed that Indian and Chinese students have a lower acceptance rate because of the huge number of applicants. If you are a prospective candidate, you must focus on building a strong academic record and submit a compelling application that shows your leadership and strategic thinking skills.

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