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Exploring the Rotman MBA 2024

Key Application Deadlines for the Rotman MBA

Here are the essential deadlines:

  1. Early Round application deadline: September 5, 2023

  2. Round 1 application deadline: October 2, 2023

  3. Round 2 application deadline: January 12, 2024

  4. Round 3 application deadline: March 4, 2024

  5. Round 4 application deadline: April 29, 2024

Rotman MBA
Rotman MBA

Class profile at Rotman School of Management:

  1. Average Age: 28 years

  2. Intake: 275

  3. Average GMAT:674

  4. Average Work Experience: 4 years

Placement Excellence: A Snapshot of Rotman's Success

Rotman's placement statistics are impressive. A majority of graduates secure high-profile roles within six months, predominantly in finance, consulting, and technology. The salary figures speak volumes about the program's industry relevance.

Preparing for the Rotman MBA?

What's new at Rotman School of Management in 2023?

QS World Rankings: Sustainability 2024

University of Toronto has been ranked the most sustainable university in the world, outperforming over 1,400 institutions.

November Events at Rotman: A Calendar Packed with Learning

Events at Rotman in November 2023:

  1. Nov 6: Impact of Web3 on the Future Economy

  2. Nov 6: TechTO: Together at Rotman

  3. Nov 7: Virtual Session on AI Adoption in Healthcare

  4. Nov 8: Discussions on Social Assistance Landscape in Canada

  5. Nov 9: Strategies for Creating a More Equitable World with Mitch Kapor and Dr. Freada Kapor Klein

  6. Nov 13: Explore the Future with Author Jay Ingram

  7. Nov 14: Workshop on Building Interculturally Inclusive Teams

  8. Nov 15: Virtual Talk on Transformative Leadership

  9. Nov 16: Engendering Success in STEM Conference

  10. Nov 20: Insights on the Post-Generational World from Mauro Guillen of Wharton School

  11. Nov 28: Financial Transformation to Value the Planet

  12. Nov 29: The Elon Musk Takeover of Twitter: A Deep Dive

Upcoming December Events: Expand Your Knowledge with the Rotman School of Management

December at Rotman offers more opportunities for growth and learning:

  1. Dec 4, 2023 : The Geek Way with Andrew McAfee

  2. Dec 11, 2023 : A Conversation with David Brooks on Understanding People

  3. Dec 12, 2023 : Documentary Night: Insights into the Future of Work

Stay connected for more updates and opportunities to engage!

Frequently Asked Questions About Rotman MBA

1. Is an MBA from Rotman worthwhile?

Absolutely! Rotman's diverse academic offerings, from healthcare to data analytics, are structured to redefine business models and foster innovation.

2. How competitive is the admission process?

Gaining admission requires more than meeting the minimum criteria. A strong application and an engaging interview are key.

3. What is the GMAT/GRE cutoff for Rotman?

While a holistic approach is adopted, a score of 550 or higher is recommended. Remember, it's about the overall quality of your application.

4. What are the tuition fee payment options?

Rotman accepts various modes of payment, including online banking and transactions through Canadian banks.

For application assistance and MBA admissions consulting schedule a call with an expert.

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